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Antoine Gitton

Lawyer Founding
Responsible for intellectual property courses at the University

I have come to the right along the computers came to the music, in the 80, shortly before they decide to interconnect and to emancipate themselves on the web.

After spending some time on the Pacific coast in the US, I returned to France to found my office in 1993 as a law firm since 2002. The firm is currently structured around two lawyers involved in the SELAS Antoine Gitton lawyers, a diverse number of employees, in addition to our partners abroad.
You will find on this site, with free access, some of our publications. We defend it fiercely, like the bar, the garden’s creator, as willed and organized our legislators in a process dating back to the first library privileges of the late 15th century. It is a question, for once, of civilization, of social contract and democracy.These freedoms are freedoms reasoned that does not condemn but to underpin the public’s right of access to creations of the mind. If there was no public interest in accessing creations there would be no special law governing literary and artistic property.We operate in all other areas of intellectual property (patents, trademarks and designs) in computer law, law of the Internet, the right to privacy (right of publicity, right to name …), law of personal data and the right to the image, press law, business law, criminal law, environmental law, administrative law.We work in French and English and we offer international jurisdiction with foreign correspondents in Europe (including of course Russia and Ukraine) and on other continents.You can read our general conditions in the “Cabinet” tab on your right.Then we set ourselves on a case our services and the price of them in a clear and precise contractual framework to offer you the best and readabilities prévisibilités.



Antoine Gitton Lawyers firm offers counseling, drafting, assistance and representation in all legal and judicial matters.

The firm Antoine Gitton Lawyers particular offers a framework for dialogue, counseling, and assistance on drafting digital publishing technology, production and distribution in their domestic and international aspects.

Lawyers Antoine Gitton Avocats publish regularly in legal doctrine works. They work as a lecturer in France and abroad. They ensure monitoring of national and international law.

Main activities

– The right of literary and music publishing,

– Law of the Press,

– Right of multimedia and IT,

– Law of Trademarks,

– Business Law,

– Criminal Law,

– Foreign Law

License to use acts of Antoine Gitton Avocats

As part of its duties, the firm Lawyers Antoine Gitton customer entrusts to his legal acts (statutes, contracts, written consultations …) which he is the author.

The firm’s clients Antoine Gitton Lawyers receive a license fee, with the endorsements and changes the firm to provide advice to the contracts.

Material and human resources

Antoine Gitton Avocats implements the material and human resources useful for better execution of its missions. He proceeds if any of his own initiative and under sole responsibility for hiring any employee or secretary. He seeks his own initiative and under his sole responsibility towards its customers provider for a specific task. In general, the law firm is the sole judge and fully accountable to its customers material and human resources used for the execution of its duties.

The law firm of Lawyers has a main site in Paris VIII 169 boulevard Haussmann

Written correspondence shall be addressed at the address here above or or via email at:

The law firm of Lawyers also has a website on the Internet at the following address: available to its customers.

The law firm of Lawyers usually works with a network of legal experts of all nationalities to adapt its mission to the best interests of the Client.

Accessories and services necessary to the missions of Avocats (deposits, registrations, postulations benefits, benefits representations necessary abroad or for special procedures, research and services necessary investigation …) are charged by the firm as costs or expenses. Except for emergency or risk the client’s interests, the firm Lawyers warned his clients before the implementation of these specific benefits or means.

The billing bases

Rates are generally and in principle determined by reference to the time spent on cases by lawyers, strictly in the exercise of their law mission.

We also take into account the related benefits of our partners and our internal services that we highlight on the invoice.

The urgency is also taken into account.

The average hourly rate of Antoine Gitton Avocats is four hundred (400) euro before tax. The average hourly rate is likely to change upwards where downward based on the following criteria: urgency, complexity Items folder targets (number of actors, national laws or the rights in question …), importance of service rendering. The customer’s financial circumstances can be taken into account for an appraisal exclusively downwards. A package and / or an interest may be fixed by agreement between the client and the law firm.

Oral consultations given during an appointment at office or by video conference or by e-mail are normally charged four hundred (400) euros excluding VAT unless otherwise agreed. They are charged where applicable on the then entrusted to the AG Law Firm mission. Oral consultation result in subsequent written summary.

Notwithstanding the hourly rates, flat-rate agreements can be put in place to support the work of medium or long duration.

Procedures can be forfaitisées if one can anticipate the relevant criteria. The Law Office can not commit to a fixed price for the duration of benefits and random difficulties. A fixed price must always be related to a fixed amount of work.


Moving a lawyer’s office on the site of a company or in any place desired by the customer, both in France and abroad, is paid a flat rate for the task at the price of three thousand (3,000) € off tax day, excluding fees. This provision of the law office includes preparatory analysis to the movement, half a day on the site, a summary of consultation.

The fixed remuneration of Avocats include the usual postage and telecommunication less than ten (10) € duty the unit.

The cost of accommodation and transportation documentation, copies, representation and all expenses incurred in fulfilling the mission of the law firm senior lawyers to ten (10) € duty the unit are detailed and charged in addition.

Living expenses and accommodation are charged a flat rate by twenty-four hours duty: four hundred (400) € for a member country of the European Union, five hundred (500) € for an outside state. Travel expenses are reimbursed on invoice receipt.

The movements in Europe lower to 24.00 shall be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

The costs and tourist fees are also subject to special agreements based on conditions including the location and duration.